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Design State is a boutique, full-service interior design firm that focuses on creating refined, residential spaces. We thoughtfully meet at the intersection between trends and timeless design to complement our client's interests, tastes and lifestyles. Design State is all about the details to ensure everything gets taken care of, from concept to completion, at the highest level possible. Our collaborative approach, passion for interiors and dedication to quality is how Design State turns your house into a home.

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OCAD University, B.DES, BFA

With an eye for design, art, and fashion, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, Elyssa took the bold leap over five years ago to translate her passions into a profession. Elyssa specializes in bespoke design through intentional space planning, custom furniture, and refined finishes. She blends design elements into coherent, finished looks for clients. Her design philosophy revolves around creating harmonious and functional interiors that go beyond trends, focusing on timelessness. With each project she undertakes, she reaffirms her dedication to elevating the design while leaving a lasting impression on the spaces she touches along the way.
A proud mom to Chase and Brody, Elyssa can’t wait to share her love of travel so they too can experience the beauty of the world and find inspiration in diverse cultures and humanity. 

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Toronto Metropolitan University, BID | ARIDO, INTERN

After graduating in 2018, Mikayla has joined the team as a highly creative designer, dedicated to refining every aspect of the design process. Her expertise lies in the seamless integration of form and function, resulting in environments that are not only visually stunning but also serve their intended purpose flawlessly. Her fresh perspective, attention to detail, and ability to translate design concepts into beautifully articulated spaces is what makes Mikayla such a valuable asset to Design State.

Mikayla enjoys spending time with her family and walking in the trails with her puppy Arlo - you might just catch him at the office!

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SVIT University, B.Arch | Toronto Metropolitan University, IPLAN

With an architectural background and a passion for interiors, Shailja works towards functional and detail-oriented aspects within the design. Her passion towards providing a white glove experience for clients throughout the process helps develop and deliver projects with ease. Her organizational skills and thoughtful approach to design is a fundamental asset to the studio. 

Good music is the source of motivation for Shailja. Outside of work she likes to spend most of her time exploring new cafés throughout the city!

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Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, BID

Following the completion of her studies, Natasha has become a valuable addition to the Design State team, showcasing her passion and dedication as a designer. Natasha’s creative approach to design is fulfilled through harmonizing old architectural details into new interiors that embrace a layered narrative. She approaches each project with enthusiasm and an open mind, while committing to continuous learning and refining her craft.

Natasha enjoys an adventure! She aspires to continue to learn through travel, conversation and experiencing new things.

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